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Book Review: Stories From The Witch Store by Olga Gutsol

Book Review: Stories From The Witch Stor..

Author: Olga Gutsol Release Date: 20th August 2017 Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal > Magic and Witches, Humour Edition: e-book Pages: 114 Publisher: – Blurb: Funny and imaginative chronicles from the life of a hereditary witch Arelia who, along with her loyal companions Cat and house-ghost Puck, moved to the small town of […]

Book Review: Dream, Recurring by Marc Canniff

Book Review: Dream, Recurring by Marc Ca..

Posted 02/07/2017 by Heena Rathore P. in Mark Canniff, Paranormal

Author: Mark Canniff Release Date: 30th August 2016 Genre: Paranormal Fiction Edition: E-book Pages: 288 Publisher: Self Published Rating: ★★★ Blurb: Can there be a mystery that goes back over a hundred years, that only the dead can reveal? Lucy has been having a recurring dream. Night after night she finds herself driving on a winding […]

Novella Review: Nika: A Seychatka Novella by D.H. Gibbs

Novella Review: Nika: A Seychatka Novell..

Author:  D.H. Gibbs  Release Date: 1st March 2016 Series: – Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal Edition: E-book Pages: 96 Publisher: Sandphics Creations Rating: ★★★★ Blurb: Taken off the streets Nika is thrown into an unknown world where she’s held captive. As an orphan, she has been on the run and must find her way out before they […]

Book Review: Esper Files by Egan Brass

Book Review: Esper Files by Egan Brass

Author: Egan Brass   Release Date: 26 October 2016 Series: Esper Files Genre: Science Fiction Fantasy, Steampunk, Supernatural, Paranormal Edition: Paperback Pages:  Publisher: Inkitt Rating: ★★★★ Blurb: Set in London during the latter part of the 19th century. An experiment goes wrong at The Oxford Academy of Science, giving certain people extraordinary powers which turns them into ‘Espers’. […]

Book Review: Deadraiser – Part 1: Horror In Jordan's Bank by Stephanie C. Lyons-Keeley & Wayne J. Keeley

Book Review: Deadraiser – Part 1: ..

Author: Stephanie C. Lyons-Keeley and Wayne J. Keeley Series: Deadraiser Series Genre: Horror, Paranormal, Occult Edition: Ebook (PDF) Pages: – Publisher: – Rating: ★★★★★ Blurb: Necromancy is an ancient black magic used for the purposes of communing with the dead. It is believed that practitioners of the dark art may harness the ultimate power of life and death and […]

Book Review: Nightlife by Matthew Quinn Martin

Book Review: Nightlife by Matthew Quinn ..

Author: Matthew Quinn Martin Release Date: October 21, 2013 Series: Nightlife Genre: Horror, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Edition: e-book (Kindle) Pages: 384 Publisher: Pocket Star Rating: ★★★★★ Blurb: For centuries an ancient evil has slept beneath the streets of New Harbor. This Halloween, it wakes up. An action-packed debut horror novel from talented new writer Matthew Quinn Martin, Nightlife pits […]

Book Review: Forever And A Night by Lana Campbell

Book Review: Forever And A Night by Lana..

Author:  Lana Campbell Release Date: April 26, 2016 Series: – Genre: Paranormal Romance > Vampires Edition: e-book (kindle) Pages: 398 Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprise Rating: ★★★ Blurb: Nathan Davenport is being stalked by Isabella Ravini, the feral vampire who stole his human life over a hundred and sixty years ago. She made him her fledging, a slave for […]

Book Review: Hearts Unloched by Claire Gem

Book Review: Hearts Unloched by Claire G..

Author: Claire Gem Release Date: April 14, 2016 Series: – Genre: Paranormal Romance Edition: Paperback Pages: 320 Publisher: Erato Publishing Rating: ★★★★ Blurb: AWARD-WINNER! 2016 New York Book Festival Runner-up! A psychic interior designer reluctantly agrees to renovate a sexy investor’s abandoned hotel on a lake rumored to have once been the mob’s body dumping ground. Interior designer […]

Graphic Novel Review: Ghostbusters – Who Ya Gonna Call?

Graphic Novel Review: Ghostbusters ̵..

When an upstart paranormal investigation and elimination service calling themselves The Ghost Smashers sets up shop in NYC, the Ghostbusters suddenly find themselves out of work and out of favor. But The Ghost Smashers are messing with some shaky science, and it’s only a matter of time until their incompetence threatens the entire world. Ghostbusters #13-16!