Gaming Website Review:

Among the solitaire games, following are the ones I liked the most (and spent 2 days and nights playing continuously!) The game website that I am talking about is is a mind-blowing online gaming website with tons and tons of card games, word puzzles, mahjong and hidden object games. This is a golden website for anyone who loves playing these kind of games.

The best thing about this website is that it loads very easily and does not crash AT ALL! So you can play on it as long as you want without the irritating crash ruining your games.

Klondike (Classic Solitaire) – A pretty good game, with the classic set up and the options of playing with 3 cards or 1 card for drawing.

Freecell – Freecell is also good (and really tricky), but I think that the interface could be a little better.

Wordoku – I am a huge sucker for Sudoku and guess what, this website has Wordoku! It has 4 levels – Easy, Medium, Hard & Expert. There can be nothing better than Wordoku for a writer! I am so addicted to this game. So far I have cleared 4 days of Wordoku puzzles (it is a daily puzzle – so 1 puzzle each day.) I of course played them all in just one day – so yeah, you have the option of picking up dates and the puzzle for that day!

I am so hooked to playing these games that now I am playing them daily, especially the daily Wordoku. Solitaire (Klondike) has become my go-to game whenever I need to take a break from reading or writing.

I would highly recommend this gaming website to everyone who likes playing online games.

If you do check out the games then don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!