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Hi, welcome to The Reading Bud.
I am Heena, founder and admin of The Reading Bud. I am an author and editor by profession but in my free time I love reading tons and tons of books and reviewing them!

Heena aka Crazy Cat Writer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“As the author of seven novels, I have had the opportunity to work with literally hundreds of bloggers. Few have proved more pleasant, professional, and thorough as Heena. She brings knowledge, perspective, and enthusiasm to each review, not to mention a mastery of the language that is impressive in its own right. The Reading Bud is the best!”

 John A. Heldt, author of The Mine

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Whether you are a reader or a publisher, The Reading Bud is a place as good as any if you are looking for professional and well-thought-out reviews and other services.

Peter Öberg, Editor at Affront Publishing

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Latest Reviews & Features

Book Review: Some Mistakes of Darwin and a Programmer’s Theory of Life by Daniel G. Vintner

Book Details: Author: Daniel G. VintnerRelease Date: 24th May 2022Series:Genre: Non-Fiction, PhilosophyFormat: E-book Pages: 263 pagesPublisher: Boros DánielBlurb:Darwin’s theory of evolution has been widely regarded as one of the greatest accomplishments of science. Except for a few individuals, most scientists have dismissed the…

Book Review: No Ghosts in the Graveyard: The Lifetime Adventures of a Small-Town Oregon Boy by Bob Crites

Book Details: Author: Bob CritesRelease Date: 29th August 2021Series:Genre: Non Fiction, MemoirFormat: E-book Pages: 429 pagesPublisher: –Blurb:“I had the good fortune of being born with a high biological set point for happiness.”Walking alone at night, at age nine, selling newspapers on the streets…

Book Review: STAR ~ Personality Styles (Volume 1 STAR and RATS): RATS ~ Grow up or be left Behind by R Luciani 

Book Details: Author: R LucianiRelease Date: 4th October 2021Series: Star Personality Styles (Vol #1) Genre: Christian Non FictionFormat: E-book Pages: 302 pagesPublisher: KoHoE Publishing Blurb:Everyone marries with the hope of feeling wedding bliss “until death do us part”. At the time of writing this…

Graphic Novel Review: Shrieks and Sounds and Things Abound! (The Quiet Wants of Julien J.) by Drew Palacio

Book Details: Author: Drew PalacioRelease Date: 9th May 2022Series: The Quiet Wants Of Julien J. (Book #1) Genre: Children’s Fiction, Short Story, Graphic Novel, PoetryFormat: E-book Pages: 34 pagesPublisher: Brandylane Publishers IncBlurb:JULIEN J’s frustrating evening takes an extraordinary turn when BLUEBULLET, his favorite…

Book Review: Starstruck And Swindled In Paradise by A.H. Nazzareno

Book Details: Author: A.H. Nazzareno Release Date: 1st June 2022Series: Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Short Story, HumourFormat: E-book Pages: 42 pagesPublisher: –Blurb:A discontent and disillusioned author embarks on a road trip to the desert paradise of Las Vegas, teeming with oddball characters. Starstruck And Swindled…


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“So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.”

– Norton Juster