Book Review: Dream, Recurring by Marc Canniff

Author: Mark Canniff
Release Date: 30th August 2016
Genre: Paranormal Fiction
Edition: E-book
Pages: 288
Publisher: Self Published

Rating: ★★★


Can there be a mystery that goes back over a hundred years, that only the dead can reveal?
Lucy has been having a recurring dream. Night after night she finds herself driving on a winding road with her best friend Sam. She feels lost as this path seems to lead to nowhere. That is until she discovers a house. Curious, she goes up to investigate, discovering that the place is empty.
The mystery of the dream deepens when she realizes that she’s being haunted by an entity. Why is it attached to her?
Both Sam and her uncover a piece of history that only those that have passed on have kept secret. Why is it so important and does it have anything to do with the dark being?
It suddenly becomes a race against time as they grasp that their very lives might be at stake.
Can they uncover what is really going on in time, before it’s too late?
Is there a connection between the house, the uncovered past and the evil entity?


Dream, Recurring by Mark Canniff is a cosy paranormal book with a strong plot that’ll pull you in right from the start.

I liked reading this book most of all for the strong and well built-up plotline. The concept was not only unique but also quite smart. I liked the idea of ghosts and spirits doing something other than avenging.

The writing was good but because of not being an edited version the writing fell flat on its face throughout the book (more on this below.

As for the characters, I didn’t particularly find the lead characters, Lucy and Sam, relatable, but they did manage to make me like them enough to keep on going with the book. The character arc was missing and I wasn’t able to feel an emotional connection with either of the leads. The characterization, for me, is one of the 2 main flaws in this book. The 2nd one being the editing (or the lack of it.)

This book would be a much better read after it gets edited thoroughly. The typos and the grammatical errors were disturbing the flow of the reading to an extent that after a while it started to feel like a burden. I’m sure that if this book would have been editing properly, my rating would have been a clean 4 stars, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

So all in all, this book is good for anyone who enjoys reading Paranormal Fiction and won’t mind the errors and the mistakes in the writing.

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