Book Review: Origins of Resilience by Jessica Jane Robinson

Book Details:

Author: Jessica Jane Robinson
Release Date: 
Genre: Graphic Novel, High Fantasy, Superhero Fiction
Format: E-book 
Pages: 38
Publisher: Resilience Birthright, Inc Presents
On the last day of the existence of her planet, Queen Filoli Vitae, the last of the Evolusarians, is hiding in Mount Altis with her newborn baby daughter only a few hours old, whom she has yet to name. She is levitating in the air holding her child as tears stream from her eyes. With each tear that falls a memory releases; a memory of how her planet and kingdom, Terravitae, fell to destruction with her husband, King Asim. Her life flashes before her eyes, memories of how she became exiled from her home and now in hiding to protect the life of her daughter, the one prophesied to stop the evil force that is destroying her planet and threatens all life within the universe.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Origins of Resilience by Jessica Jane Robinson is a graphic novel about the birth of an environmental superheroine who will take your breath away and turn you into a fan!

This book is beautifully conceptualised, has a sound foundation and an excellent plot (albeit a bit similar to Superhero). I enjoyed reading the storyline because it had a great flow and felt extremely engaging and exciting. The tension was tight and kept the pacing really strung up through the entire book.

The illustrations are excellent, and I loved them. They could have been a little spread out, giving the book a cleaner look. But apart from this, I did not have any complaints at all. The dialogues were good, and the characterisation felt well-developed. I hope this series continues and we get to read more about Terravitae and the prophesied daughter of Queen Filoli Vitae and King Asim.

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