Book Review: The Witness Affair by E T McNamara

Book Details:

Author: E T McNamara
Release Date: 
25th February 2023
Genre: Criminal, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, Romantic Mystery
Format: E-book 
Pages: 366
Fans of romantic mysteries and suspenseful crime dramas get both in The Witness Affair, E T McNamara’s fourth novel. In New York City, an attractive young woman trying to save her Iowa home and farm from legal problems unwittingly becomes the target of an international crime ring. Having no idea why people are trying to kill her, she relies on a handsome New York City police detective to keep her safe. They become aware of the romantic chemistry between them as they try to figure out who wants her dead and why. Realizing the conspiracy is deeper than they thought, they must take drastic actions to keep each other safe. Whether it is discovering the perfect crime, its resulting treasure hunt, or the simmering romance of the two main characters, be prepared for a rollercoaster thrill ride, as a series of twists and turns will keep readers guessing until the end.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Witness Affair by E T McNamara is a romantic mystery that builds up slowly but really well. This book was very different from author McNamara’s usual style of writing, which leans more towards historical stories and style of narration. I really enjoyed this book and the think that the ending was a good payoff for the entire built-up.

The mystery devised by the author was good and the characterisation, keeping with his writing style, was spot on. I was able to connect to the characters and felt deeply for them, making this book extremely engaging.

I’d recommend this book to all mystery readers, especially to those who like a prominent romantic subplot.

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