Book Review: Newer Testaments by Philip Brunetti

Book Details:

Author: Philip Brunetti
Release Date: 
15th November 2020
Genre: Psychological Fiction
Format: E-book 
Pages: 182 pages
Publisher: Atmosphere Press
Ever get the feeling that your life is caught up in some kaleidoscopic Jungian dream and that you weren’t exactly dying but still everything you’d ever been is flashing before your eyes-and then when you wake from this dissolutive dream, your reality remains altered and time has become concurrent and characters from thirty-plus years ago walk into your life again, if ambiguously, and press you on matters of a sacred-profane written text that you never completed?

Heretical and outrageous, ironic and absurd, Newer Testaments scores a hit in the heart of where the existential meets the fated, and the writer’s task becomes both revelatory and abject. Into this formidable personal struggle a cast of untoward and/or diaphanous characters rotate including The Jesus Girl, John Baptist, Macbeth, King Kisko, The Tree Girl, Nurse Mother, a glass satyr and a French New Wave Mother. Has the nameless narrator lost his mercurial mind, or is this a subconscious-shadow-world sojourn he’s been practicing for all his life?-the keys to the kingdom of being.

“In the tradition of Denis Johnson’s Jesus’ Son, Brunetti’s wondrously wandering writing is taut and cryptic, vivid and hallucinatory, rendering an irony-laden, aberrant odyssey for his impossibly likable protagonist.”
-Franco D’Alessandro, playwright & poet, Roman Nights, Stranger Love, and Everything Is Something Else


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Newer Testament by Philip Brunetti is a uniquely gripping and psychologically testing work of fiction. I was blown away by the bizarre nature of the book, especially in the initial chapters. It did take me some time to get into the rhythm of the book, but once I was caught in it I enjoyed it tremendously.

This book is unlike anything as the author has used a dreamy tone and style in his writing making the reader feel like they are in a surreal trance. And this is what made this book stand out and so different from others, apart from the story itself of kids writing the newer testament continuing the book of revelations with a twist.

I would highly recommend this book to all readers as it is a very good story that should be read by every reader.

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