Book Review: Burn Of The Abyss by Dimitry Pavlovsky

Book Details:

Author: Dmitry Pavlovsky
Release Date: 
26th December 2021
Genre: Science-Fiction, Space-Opera, Action, Space-Adventure
Format: E-book 
Pages: 276 pages
The Great Barrier is an irradiated wasteland of magnetars, black holes and supernovae, spanning millions of light years in every direction. Igniting behind the last of the generation ships that clawed their way to these new stars, it slammed the doors shut on them, cutting off their only way back. Now, after centuries of colonial fragmentation, infighting and isolation, an ancient ship of unknown origin has washed up on the cosmic shores of the barrier.

And a long forgotten mystery has reopened its wounds. With time running out before the ship is sucked back into a stellar ocean of deadly radiation, a retired intelligence officer is forced to assemble a first response team consisting of a disillusioned field medic, a pair of space divers with serious trust issues and an assassin with an exotic battle chassis for a body. But to complete the team, he’ll need someone to pilot their decommissioned subship “The Abyss”. And the only choice he has left is a washed up racer, who’d rather be anywhere else but back in the pilot’s seat.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Burn Of The Abyss by Dimitry Pavlovsky is a new sci-fi and space adventure novel that will take you in the depths of outer space and leave you wanting for more!

I enjoyed this book as it remained me of the classical space-fantasies that were written with careful attention to detail. Author Dimitri has done an excellent job in creating realistic characters, the world and a good storyline. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book from the beginning till the very last page.

The writing is good, the characterisation is realistic and well-done and the pacing is great throughout the book along with the tension. I would definitely recommend this book to all science-fiction readers and to those who are looking to explore books by new authors.

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