Book Review: Tech-ology: A Digitally New Way To Way To Raise Happy Kids by Angie Rumaldo

Author: Angie Rumaldo
Release Date: 2020
Genre:  Self-Help, Parenting
Format: E-book 
Pages: 276 pages
Publisher: True Pursuit
Tech-ology is a refreshing new look into the digital world and video gaming and its effects on children and teens today. It attempts to help parents, teens, educators and other professional understand the movement towards this new technology in a more culturally appropriate manner. This self-help book directly addresses many of the concerns that have been voiced by parents due to the rapid increase of technology.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Tech-ology: A Digitally New Way To Way To Raise Happy Kids by Angie Rumaldo is a very impressive parenting book that even a non-parent like me found useful. In this book, Dr Angie goes into the intricacies of dealing with kids that were born and raised in the “digital age.” I have a teen brother and therefore as someone who is constantly dragged into the war between my mum and brother, I know very well how much friction technology can cause amongst families, especially in which the parents were born in the 19th century.

The book is written well and doesn’t actually feel like a parenting book. The author uses a very friendly tone which feels very light to read. But even though the tone of the book is light, the subject matter is handled with great care by the author and her expertise in the field of handling the behaviour of young children shines through the pages.

I would definitely recommend you read this book even if you are not a parent yet. There are some great tips and advice that will definitely aid you, if not in the present then in the future which I honestly believe will only get worse with the advancements in the field of digital technology.

Remember, you were born in the twentieth century and that alone indicates that you are an immigrant to the new digital culture (new way of being) while our children are natives (born to the digital culture). We have to work toward learning the new ideals, expectations, and potential dangers. With this newfound knowledge and values we can effectively parent with less tension and more harmony within the home.

Angie Rumaldo, Tech-ology: A Digitally New Way To Way To Raise Happy Kids