Book Review: Match by Emma Grace

Book Details:

Author: Emma Grace
Release Date: 
1st February 2023
Genre: Dystopian Fiction
Format: E-book 
Pages: 210
Katie Davis has had her whole life planned out for her since birth. She, along with every other citizen of Carcera, is predestined to marry her perfect Match. She knows that she will eventually have two children, and that none of the citizens will never leave the Border, the wall of stone encircling the city. No one could have predicted, however, the harrowing night that forces Katie and her three best friends to flee for their lives only days after their Matching Ceremony. With nowhere to go, Katie and her friends must make impossible choices at every turn.
They are faced with life-altering decisions, such as whether or not to join the Underground, a resistance army dedicated to overthrowing Borders. The smaller choices seem just as unfathomable as the larger ones-what to eat for dinner, what to do in their free time, and even what to wear. When their luck begins to run out, they are left with only two options: fight, or die.
Match is the first installment of The Matchbook Trilogy.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Match by Emma Grace is an action-packed dystopian novel that will take you on an adventurous and emotions rollercoaster ride. It is the first book in the Matchbook trilogy.

Author Emma Grace has done a fabulous job of creating a realistic and intricate world that pulls in the readers right from the beginning and keeps them thoroughly engaged till the very last page, ending the book on a perfect cliffhanger. This book has rich and well-developed characters and is an excellently plotted novel that is fast-paced and laced with tense and unpredictable twists and turns. Overall, the writing is good and complimented the plot very well.

I would definitely recommend this book to all dystopian fiction fans and fans of elaborate and intrinsic world-building in fantasy novels. This book is a perfect read for anyone wanting to explore a series by a talented new author.

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