Book Review: Contrarian (Lars The Hitman #2) by Lucas Sterling

Book Details:

Author: Lucas Sterling 
Release Date: 
25th October 2022
Genre: Thriller, Psychological Thriller
Format: E-book 
Publisher: Nurrebbul Productions
Everyone has a secret. But some are deadlier than others… 
Former Homeland Security Agent Lars Christopherson is not what he seems. Despite his impressive skills and impeccable record, Lars has a dark side few are aware of. And those who discover his secret rarely live to tell the tale… 
Frederic Ulrich is a man with a mission… A skilled agent of Germany’s BND intelligence service, he is determined to right a wrong from his past, and shut down a deadly Hungarian crime ring once and for all. 

When these two unlikely allies are forced to work together, they quickly uncover a sinister threat – a vast criminal conspiracy, poised to unleash environmental chaos on the United States. To stop this monstrous terror plot, they’ll have to put their differences aside and work together. 
But trust is hard to come by in the shadowy world of espionage and crime. And sometimes, the only way to stop a monster is to become one…


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Contrarian by Lucas Sterling is a fast-paced ride on an action-packed thrilling adventure undertaken by the two protagonists of the story. This book has so many things happening (in a good way) that it kept me engaged and at the edge of my seat with each and every page I turned.

I loved the characterisation in this book, the concept was amazing, and the writing completely complimented the story flow and made it a really quick read. Over all, I enjoyed this book a lot, especially the mind-bending twists and turns and the ending.

I’d recommend this book to all mystery, thriller and espionage readers, especially those who like elaborate conspiratorial mysteries set in diverse locations.

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