Book Spotlight: A Pterodactyl Named Kahoutek by Matthew Levine

Welcome to TRB Lounge. Today, we are featuring author Mathew Lavine for his latest release, A Pterodactyl Named Kahoutek.

A Pterodactyl Named Kahoutek

Book: A Pterodactyl Named Kahoutek
Author: Matthew Levine
Publication date: 9th November 2022
ISBN: 9798360452553
Genres: Children’s Humorous LiteratureShort Stories collection, Children’s Humor
Page Count: 15 pages Kindle / 20 pages paper back
Publisher: Amazon/KDP

About A Pterodactyl Named Kahoutek

A short story for youth of all ages with humor adults might enjoy about a clumsy Pterodactyl that befriends a sad teenage girl on a San Francisco bus. Contain discussion questions for students at the end.

You can find A Pterodactyl Named Kahoutek here:

About The Author

Matthew Levine

Matthew Levine has enjoyed writing essays, stories, poems, songs, and answering machine messages for the last half century. His latest musical, Love Stings, with bookwriter/lyricist Richard Castle was produced by Northern Sky Theater and debuted during the summer of 2022. He currently lives in Ecuador.

You can find author Ambrosio here:
Website | Amazon Page

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