Book Review: The Trial Show: The Resistance Rises by Konstantina P.

Book Details:

Author: Konstantina P.
Release Date: 
12nd March 2022
Series: The Resistance Rises
Genre: Dystopian Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Suspence
Format: E-book 
Pages: 287 pages
Forced into the shadows while waging war on an oppressive regime intent on controlling those born with unnatural powers, the Resistance feels like a family. And although all families harbour secrets, theirs are world-shattering.
When Ava Moore foresees the death of her sister Brooklyn and Resistance leader Parker Quinn is forced to appear in a televised trial accused of murder, the web of lies begins to unravel. For not only is Resistance’s second-in-command, Jay Frazer, fighting a guerrilla battle with deadly consequences, he’s also trying to bury his deep-seated love for Parker.

With Parker and Jay temporarily out of the picture, double-agent Trent Reese is left responsible for leading the Resistance. Trent is willing to adapt his moral code to any situation, but what—or whom—does he believe in? As for innocent Ava, who’s plagued by unsettling visions, it’s becoming clear that everyone she loves is in peril. Given, however, that Parker is concealing a mighty gift of his own, one that could change the entire course of the rebellion, the future of the all-seeing state is on the line too.
When the web of secrets is untangled, who will survive?


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Trial Show: Resistance Rises by Konstantina P. is an engaging and heady dystopian read that will pull you in right from the very beginning and keep you guessing until the end.

This book had so many interesting and unpredictable twists and turns that it kept me engaged the entire time! I loved the story as it was weaved intricately and plotted with an exceptional deftness that is rare to find in books these days. The characterization was very well done and made this book a very complex read. I loved the characters, especially those of Trent and Ava, and wanted to know everything about them and their lives in this amazingly crafted dystopian world.

The writing style of the author was good as it had a very nice flow. It made reading this book both a pleasant as well as a very quick experience for me, as a reader, and I always appreciate it. I would strongly recommend this book to all dystopian readers.

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