Book Review: I AM NOT GOD: How Far Can a Reality Show Go by Joshua Veridical

Book Details:

Author: Joshua Veridical
Release Date: 
1st Febrauary 2022
Genre: Spiritualism, Philosophy
Format: E-book 
Pages: 152 pages
In the Rush of living our life, it is true that we forget Purpose of life. Religion keeps us disciplined and shows us the path to find that purpose. There are many monks, Spiritual Leaders and Priests who guide us to maintain stability in life and help our soul grow. This book takes you in the unusual journey of Spiritualism where the purpose of life is found by our main protagonist but in a very unusual way.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

I Am Not God by Joshua Veridical is a book based on the spiritual journey of the main protagonist that tackles many philosophical questions about life and its meaning in general. Overall the book is a decent read and proved to be a quick read. The main character, although not extremely relatable, was likeable enough for me to be able to read the entire book to learn more about his journey.

I did feel that the book needed more polishing as the writing felt a bit rough and could have been better, but of course, that is my personal opinion and being an editor myself I do have tough standards when it comes to writing style, especially in Indian literature.

This book would be perfect for readers of philosophical books and spiritual enthusiasts.

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