Book Review: Some Mistakes of Darwin and a Programmer’s Theory of Life by Daniel G. Vintner

Book Details:

Author: Daniel G. Vintner
Release Date: 
24th May 2022
Genre: Non-Fiction, Philosophy
Format: E-book 
Pages: 263 pages
Publisher: Boros Dániel
Darwin’s theory of evolution has been widely regarded as one of the greatest accomplishments of science. Except for a few individuals, most scientists have dismissed the issues that have crept up in the last century related to and in opposition to the theory of evolution. However, developments in molecular biology and genetics have failed to address some of the original concerns with the theory and also exposed even more significant flaws that should not be overlooked.
The evolution debate has been raging on the outskirts of academia for two centuries, and the sides have never been further apart than they are now. “Science versus religion” and “evolution versus creationism” was what the audience heard for a long time. In the twentieth century, God was brought down into the fighting pits of scientific society to duke it out with Charles Darwin, and for the longest time, it seemed he had lost the match for good. In recent times, though, God has put his gloves back on and seems to have managed to insert himself back into the debate.

Or has he? Has anything really changed in this debate, which is as old as debates themselves? Did evolution change, or science, or God himself? What is true from the grandiose claims of those who claim to have resurrected God by virtue of their arguments? And what truth is there in the words of the scientists who claim to have buried him?

Some Mistakes of Darwin goes back to the beginning of evolutionary thought and verifies every claim made by Darwin and his successors. Everything is put to the test, and nothing is off limits. No claim is accepted without verification and no argument is beyond questioning. Travel from the birth of genetics and molecular biology, through the advances in software engineering, to the far ends of space and time and beyond. By the last chapter, the book goes full circle and reaches the same conclusion as the philosophers of old have, from the same facts but a different perspective, arguing from science, not from scripture, for a new theory of life.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Some Mistakes of Darwin and a Programmer’s Theory of Life by Daniel G. Vintner is a very interesting book to read that will leave you thinking really hard about the age-old debate of ‘science vs religion.’

This book had a very unique premise and to say that I was intrigued by this book would be a huge understatement. After reading the book I was really impressed by the author’s arguments presented in the book and believed them to be true, finding myself leaning toward his explanations and thus, his side, more than I thought was possible. Without giving away any spoilers, I would just like to say that be prepared to be swayed from your one-sided stand after reading this book because the author might just be able to convince you to agree with his arguments.

I would strongly recommend this book to everyone who likes to explore and read about Darwin’s Theory of evolution.

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