Book Review: Naji And The Mystery Of The Dig By Vahid Imani

Author: Vahid Imani
Release Date: 9th May 2014
Genre: Middle-Grade Fiction
Edition: E-book
Pages: 198
Publisher: Stormtop Publishing
One summer morning, eight-year old Naji woke up to an unusual sound. Three strangers were digging in her courtyard. Naji’s sixth sense warned her: something suspicious was lurking down there. As events unfold and suspense rises, readers will enjoy the many colors of Persian culture, cuisine, folklore, history, geography, religion, language, and intrigue through Naji’s eyes and heart. No one was prepared for what the diggers discovered far below the surface of the courtyard. Not even Naji.



Naji And The Mystery Of The Dig by Vahid Imani is a delightful children’s book rich with cultural details and full of moral lessons. Naji was a likeable kid and therefore the story didn’t fall behind in grabbing my interest. Though the story could have been a bit shorter and therefore a much faster read.

It is a humble and honest story full of innocence and wonders and I’m sure that the kids would love it. I feel that children younger than middle-graders might also enjoy a light reading of this book.

I’d recommend this book for all children as this book has some really good aspects that the children would love and their parents would greatly appreciate.

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