Guest Post: God, Myth and Mystery by K.M. Aul

Today, at TRB Lounge, we are hosting author K.M. Aul, author of Synesthesia.

Presenting K.M. Aul…

God, Myth and Mystery

The fourth book in the Senses Novels series, Synesthesia, deals with the concepts of immortality, God and myth. The book, while part of a limited series, can easily be read as a stand-alone novel.

The story begins with the resurrection of Lazarus by Jesus. The Bible does not go into a lot of detail about Lazarus after he is raised from the dead. There are many stories and claims about the man and his life. Several places claim to be the final resting place of Lazarus, but nothing definitive. Synesthesia takes a different view.

In Matthew 16:28 Jesus is speaking to the disciples when he says, “Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming into His kingdom.” This pronouncement has been the subject of heated debates throughout the centuries. Was Jesus being allegorical or literal?

Some aspects to the story of Lazarus make it unique in all the Gospels. First, Jesus weeps when He finds out He is too late to save His friend, as though He were expecting to arrive in time to save Lazarus’s life. Second, Lazarus appears to be just that, Jesus’s friend, and possibly even someone He knew prior to starting His ministry. Finally, this is the only instance we know of where Jesus did not physically touch the dead person to bring them back from the dead.

So, if Lazarus were not only restored to life, but given a form of immortality along with it, would that make the story more or less incredible? In Synesthesia, the premise of Lazarus being immortal or, at least, having a greatly extended life is used as one of the primary plot vehicles. The other is the unique ‘disability’ that comes with this new life and the abilities which seem to spring from it.

In Lazarus’ life he encounters and we discover explanations for many of the so-called myths and mysteries history has left us:

  • Why are dragons a recurring theme in so many cultures?
  • What caused the Mayan civilization to vanish almost overnight?
  • What is the truth behind the statues on Easter Island?
  • What do the various monoliths and stone circles around the world have in common?
  • What ever happened to the Ark of the Covenant?

Ultimately, this novel is tied into the series as Lazarus and others prepare to face the greatest threat to all life on our planet. It is a story of life, death, change and challenge.

About the author:

KM Aul is the Best-Selling author of the Senses Novels series of books.

KM Aul started writing fiction at the age of six and hasn’t put the pen down since. KM’s writing consists of short stories, novellas, and even a published game. His first full-length novel, AURA was put into written form in 1988 and has undergone multiple revisions until finally published in 2015.

KM Aul’s personal life consists of his much younger bride, youngest daughter, a three-legged dog and pursuing his relationship with God. When not writing, his passion is for feeding the hungry by donating to his local food pantry. Mr. Aul spent time in Europe, Mexico, Canada and Asia and through it all, discovered that there is no country on earth more beautiful than the United States of America. Having travelled across our fair country multiple times, and meeting people from every walk of life and every circumstance, KM has found that there are lessons to be learned everywhere. The most important of these are, no matter your race, religion or country of origin, every life matters and everything you do in life has meaning.

KM currently lives on a small private lake in the beautiful state of Georgia.

About the book:

The Best Selling Christian Fiction/Fantasy Series Continues!

Time has run out. The world as we know it is coming to an end and a handful of heroes are all that stand in the way of the final darkness.

Born in an age of brutality and miracles, Eli was raised from the dead to start a new life unlike any other. His touch can heal; his pain can destroy. He has not only seen the rise and fall of civilizations, his power has been the cause of them. Prepare yourself for an adventure through time, prepare to face the greatest challenge humankind has ever known.

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