Book Review: Renatus


Author: Ryan Link
Release Date: May 1st, 2014
Series: Stand-alone
Genre: Dystopian | Novella 
Edition: Kindle (mobi)
Pages: 99
Publisher: Self-published
Source: Author
Buy Here: Amazon


The United States is no more. Over the course of the early 22nd century, it has dissolved into a set of hostile splinter nations; some have prospered, some have not. Political scheming and posturing have reached an all time high, fueled by hatred and paranoia. But Aldon Prandtel doesn’t care about any of that. Years ago he lost his family, descended into despair, and ended up living on the streets of northern St. Louis. Now, his only objectives are to stay alive and find his next hit of Trax, a mind-bending substance that has ensnared millions. What he doesn’t know is that those in power have plans for him that aim to shake the new and tenuous world order . . .




Plot | Story:

The plot of Renatus was interesting and the pace was also quite good. It has a no-nonsense feel to it is based on a really unique dystopian concept. The world-setting had a very real feel of distress witch complimented the theme of the book perfectly.


I liked Aldon, the protagonist but I felt that the connection with him was always a bit on the off side. I really wanted to understand him better but somehow, inspite of the rest of the things going on well for the book, I still wasn’t able to get the bond in place.


There’s a bit of romance and that was enough for a dystopian book like this one. It wasn’t all romance centric but yea, a good deal of it was depending on Aldon and Dali’s relationship and even the ending was quite romantic.


Mr. Ryan’s writing is really easy to relate and gives a comfortable feel. The concept of the book got a bit predictable after a while but the writing kept me hooked to the book and now I’m glad that I’ve read it.


The beginning was really good as it pulled me right in from the start. You can feel atmosphere of abandonment in the first few pages itself.


The end was a shocker! I totally did not see that coming and thus, was pleasantly surprised at the end.


The blurb tells everything a reader ought to know in order to decide weather or no tot pick this book for reading. I liked it and it was one of the reasons I accepted Renatus for reviewing.

Cover Art:

I like the cover and given the theme of the book it suits it well enough.

You can also read this review at Goodreads and Amazon.

Other Stuff

Opening line: DW: Grief. (it starts in the form of dialogues.) Highlights: Writing and story line. Lowlights: Characterisation. Final Thoughts: As a novella it’s a good dystopian read.

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6 thoughts on “Book Review: Renatus

  1. The cover is very simplistic, but it’s gorgeous! So many self-published books have really bad covers, but this one is great! Unfortunate though that you weren’t able to connect with the main character very well, I always find that one of the most important things for me to enjoy the book.

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