Word Of The Week Meme… by me!

Hi folks! Like most of the bloggers, I love participating in memes and prompts related to books and blogging. My favorite one being Top Ten Tuesdays! I’ve also decided to create a small weekly meme named Word Of The Week.

I know how much vocabulary means to each and everyone in the blogosphere. Whether you are a writer or not, you still need a pretty well developed vocab in order to express yourself perfectly. I’m a fan of fancy words and I try to keep up with the latest slang. Being a book-blogger and an avid reader I come across atleast dozens of new words every week. I note them down in my book (it’s my personal vocab builder), but it is quite hard to remember them all until I start using them often. So as a solution to this problem, I’m starting this meme ‘Word of the Week‘ (WOW) in which one can share stuff about “one” word per week.