Book Review: Falling For The Competition by Jen Smith

Book Details:

Author: Jen Smith
Release Date: 
6th December 2021
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Romance, Contemporary Fiction
Format: E-book 
Pages: 295 pages
It’s going to be the best summer ever for ambitious, overachieving Quinn. A huge history buff, not only has she landed her dream job interning in the archives department of the local castle, but her best friend will be working there too.
However, Quinn isn’t the only one to be working in Archives this summer; Quinn’s academic rival, Patrick, is sharing her office in Muniments. They’re competing for the Letter of Recommendation (singular) from the research historian that Quinn needs to get her dream future placement.

Their emotionally-loaded and competitive rivalry turns into a reluctant friendship, as they spend every day working together in silence (and sharing the occasional Twix). Until the Re-Enactors arrive. Between Patrick and Harry – the Golden Knight of the jousting team – Quinn’s carefully planned summer is thrown into complete disarray. Meanwhile, her best friend’s relationship may look perfect on the outside, but Quinn is starting to realise that there’s more going on than there seems.

Although Quinn is determined and single minded about planning every detail of her sparkling future, she comes to discover that the best things in life are the spontaneous ones – and that some people are more important than any Letter of Recommendation (singular) could ever be.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Falling For The Competition by Jen Smith is a new un-put-down-able YA romance.

This book is well-written with a great plot that kept me engaged right from the first page to the very last one. I was able to relate to the characters, both the main ones as well as the secondary ones, and was able to form a strong connection with the main lead, Quinn. This book is as interesting as it is entertaining. There wasn’t a single chapter where I felt bored or unfocused and that was a blessing as most YA books tend to do it (at least to me.) So I am really thankful tot eh author for great pacing and tremendous tension throughout the book.

I would highly recommend this book to all YA and romance readers.

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