Book Review: Giant Men and Violent Women by Clover Blaire

Book Details:

Author: Clover Blaire
Release Date: 
19th September 2017
Genre: New Adult Fiction
Format: E-book 
Pages: 335
Publisher: Tini Tonic Books
I knew three things about Ashley Bragg.
First, he was the greatest rogue alive, no matter how charming and respected he was.
Second, he was too handsome and too sure of himself.
Third, I was going to risk it all to have him, because he was just that alluring. 
Presley Ann Scots’ move to the mountain town of Darling, an elite, politically powerful town in New Hampshire, could have been the most intimidating move she ever made. What would these prestigious and powerful mountain men and their pageant queen wives say about this single Boston girl? But once Presley Ann meets the charming and well-bred Ashley Bragg, her life takes a romantic and then humiliating turn.

There are three things that Presley Ann does not know about me.
First, I know who killed Boston’s mayor.
Second, I know who killed New Hampshire’s governor.
Third, you should be afraid of me.
Up until now, Ashley Bragg, a handsome small town lawyer, has managed to maintain his lovable and upstanding image in the town he was born and raised in. But now everyone is shocked, especially his fiancé, when the new woman in town–Presley Ann–seems to have seduced him. Presley Ann and Ashley find themselves running away from love and refusing their desires, forgetting that desires do not accept refusals.
Seductive and filled with deep longing, The Rise of the Royal House of New Hampshire captures the struggle between doing what people expect of us and doing what we desire. This is a love story with a twist.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Giant Men and Violent Women by Clover Blaire is an explosive new release that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat. It is a new adult fiction novel with a huge romantic subplot but with an amazing and dark twist.

I loved the characterisation in this book and how the main characters drove the entire plot to its amazing finish, leaving the readers craving for more action, drama and romance. The story is impressive conceptually, and the plot is well-strung and pulled together tightly with neat writing and a great narrative flow.

I would strongly recommend this story to all new adult fiction readers and to romance readers who like their romantic stories with twists.

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