Book Review: STAR ~ Personality Styles (Volume 1 STAR and RATS): RATS ~ Grow up or be left Behind by R Luciani 

Book Details:

Author: R Luciani
Release Date: 
4th October 2021
Series: Star Personality Styles (Vol #1)
Genre: Christian Non Fiction
Format: E-book 
Pages: 302 pages
Publisher: KoHoE Publishing
Everyone marries with the hope of feeling wedding bliss “until death do us part”. At the time of writing this book, several sources reported that 60% to 85% of marriages are unhappy, and the Divorce Rate (in Canada) is around 38%; this means that 22% to 47% of married couples remain in unhappy marriages until death do they part.
Only 7% of conflicts are due to the words of the message; 93% of conflicts are due to the delivery of the message (quality of voice and body language); it is my intent to help people comprehend and resolve conflicts that are due to a simple misunderstanding of different personality styles – before conflict escalation. With the right rules and the right tools, wedding bliss “until death do us part” is possible for every marriage.
“STAR Personality Styles” is based on principles from the Holy Bible, but don’t let the source of information turn you away. Almost everyone (Christian, Jewish, Islamic and other religions, and even atheists) with whom I have shared the information directly (one-on-one, couples, or small groups) has reported to me that they have benefited from the information contained in this book.

STAR Personality Styles uses principles from the Holy Bible to explain: (1) the Negative, as well as the Positive, Personality Styles; (2) how to deal with people who have Negative Personality Styles; (3) how to overcome Negative Personality Styles within ourselves; (4) Safe, Effective, and Calm Conflict Resolution; (5) a comprehensive set of rules to promote the most satisfying relationship for all Interpersonal Relationships.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

STAR Personality Styles (Vol.1: STARS And RATS) RATS: Grow Up Or Be Left Behind by R. Luciani is a brilliant and insightful book about the workings of people’s personalities and their relationships. Pastor Ross Luciani has highlighted the types of personalities and the ways to deal with such personalities in his latest 2-volume book series, STAR Personality Styles using his knowledge of the Bible to draw parallels and to define personalities and the ways to handle the negative ones.

I am a firm believer that religious texts are mostly written keeping in mind a common man and how this common man can overcome obstacles in their daily life and live happily. Cementing on this belief, I had the privilege to get the opportunity to read and review books by author R. Luciani who draws heavily from the Holy Bible to explain and describe different kinds of people around us and how their personalities bare an influence on their relationships, especially marriage – the most sacred of all relationships.

I think this book would be helpful to anyone in general, Christian or not (which means it is okay if you have or have not read Bible previously) as this book has a lot of useful information about how people think in general and behave according to how they are and the way they see this world. Reading this book would give a really insightful look into the workings of certain relationships and I am sure you’ll be glad after reading this book and, like me, would want to jump on to the next one to know more about conflict resolution too.

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