Book Review: Sunflowers Beneath The Snow by Teri M. Brown

Book Details:

Author: Teri M. Brown
Release Date: 
5th January 2022
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction
Format: E-book 
Pages: 334 pages
Publisher: Atmosphere Press
A Ukrainian rebel. Three generations of women bearing the consequences. A journey that changes everything.
When Ivanna opens the door to uniformed officers, her tranquil life is torn to pieces – leaving behind a broken woman who must learn to endure cold, starvation, and the memories of a man who died in the quintessential act of betrayal. Using her thrift, ingenuity, and a bit of luck, she finds a way to survive in Soviet Ukraine, along with her daughter, Yevtsye. But the question remains, will she be strong enough to withstand her daughter’s deceit and the eventual downfall of the nation she has devoted her life to? Or will the memories of her late husband act as a shadow haunting everyone and everything she loves, including Ionna, the granddaughter that never knew him?

In Sunflowers Beneath the Snow, Teri M. Brown explores the tenacity of women, showing that even in grueling circumstances, they can, and do, experience all the good things life has to offer – compassion, joy, love, faith, and wonder.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sunflowers Beneath The Snow by Teri M. Brown is a beautiful book about love, courage, compassion and faith.

This book covers the time period from 1973 to 2021 – taking the readers through the lives of 3 generations of women facing the most harrowing of situations that life has to offer but yet, somehow, never give up or lose sight of what is important. Author T.M.Brown takes the readers through a plethora of events that this book showcases, Right from living under communist rule to facing the punishment for a betrayal committed by one of the family members and the rest having to live with the consequences.

This is an epic family saga that is beautifully written and intellectually expressed. I would strongly recommend it to all readers of historical fiction, women’s literature and literary fiction about families under the communal rule. This book is is a must read!

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