Book Review: Prisoner Of Mauvias (Book #1 Of The God’s Game Series) by Tiffany Brazell

Book Details:

Author: Tiffany Brazell
Release Date: 
20th December 2020
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Series: The God’s Game Series (Book #1)
Format: E-book 
Pages: 252 pages
Publisher: Regalis Publishing, LLC
The Destroyer’s Empire Part 1 is the first book in The God’s Game, a new epic fantasy series by Tiffany Brazell. A cursed world…
An immortal empress…
A girl with forbidden knowledge and unknown power…
Although she has read all about Vias the Destroyer’s dreaded liths, Salmaara has never seen one. In fact, she’s not even sure the nightmarish, mouthless creatures exist.
She’s never been to Mauvias, land created by the goddess Vias the Destroyer, ruled by a ruthless immortal empress, a place where the very air is cursed with insatiable thirst, or to the ancient city Kalitoomba, a city of soaring glass towers ruled by a benevolent god-king. Following her rescue from a river, Salmaara lives a quiet life working in her father’s pottery shop, trying to discover who she is in a town where her golden eyes and fair skin make it clear she doesn’t belong. Illun, the man she loves as her father, is keeping a secret. An important secret.

Her looks aren’t the only thing that makes her different. Salmaara can sense where people are by their souls, and can connect her soul to theirs.
One morning, she reaches for the feeling of her father’s soul and hears his thoughts, something she thought only the servants of the Destroyer could do. Before she can discover what it means, one of the liths appears, takes her captive, and carries her away to the gruesome prison city of Günhai, where even the stones cry out in pain. Within its lightproof halls, Salmaara will have to decide, will she do what she’s told, and become a pet, a tool of the empire, of the destroyer herself? Or, will she have to risk her life and very soul, to discover who she truly is and how her powers will be used?

“Imaginative and vast, The God’s Game Series is a big story vividly told, sure to satisfy fans of epic fantasy.”

Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author of The Saga of Seven Suns.

“Tiffany Brazell’s imagination takes off where others’ end. This is a tale of high magic that is sure to please.”

David Farland, New York Times bestselling author of The Runelords.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Prisoner Of Mauvias by Tiffany Brazell is the first book in The God’s Game series – an epic fantasy series. This book is an adventurous journey that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions where dangers are lurking behind every turn.

It is a fast-paced fantasy read that follows a simple yet meticulous plot structure that keeps the action tight throughout the story. This book had good, if not superb, characterisation. I was able to connect to or relate with most of the characters, secondary as well as primary. I enjoyed reading this book and am really looking forward to reading the next part in the series as I am sure the characterisation would be further developed in it.

I would definitely recommend this book to all fantasy readers.

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