Book Review: Dear Me: Letters to Myself, For All of My Emotions by Donna Tetreault

Author: Donna Tetreault, Elisena Bonadio (Illustrations)
Release Date: 15th March 2021
Genre: Children’s Non-Fiction
Format: E-book 
Pages: 36 pages
Publisher: Donna Tetreault
Dear Me, Letters to Myself For All of My Emotions teaches young children how to recognize and manage the emotions they feel throughout the day. Through a series of letters that begin with, Dear Me, a young child writes down his feelings. These letters allow him to recognize that he can change how he feels while practicing self-kindness and compassion.

Dear Me serves as a guide to help kids learn about expressing feelings, understanding those feelings, and then deciding what to do about them in ways that are healthy, helpful, and kind. The book models several approaches for parents, but, more directly, models how children can develop the social-emotional skill of managing emotions by naming emotions, journaling, and mindful breathing.

Beautiful illustrations support this empowering message designed to help children understand and appreciate all of their emotions.

Dear Me, Letters to Myself For All of My Emotions teaches children:
– Self-love
– Self-regulation
– Self-advocacy
– Managing emotions
– Empathy
– Journaling
– Mindful breathing


Rating: 4 out of 5.

A beautiful children’s book I would highly suggest to all parents for their little ones. It teaches the kids about self-love, which I think, is very unique and one of the biggest plus points about this unique and amazing book!

You can also read this review on Goodreads.

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