Graphic Novel Review: #TheTwin by Karel Jan Kosman

Author: Karel Jan Kosman
Release Date: 27th April 2018
Genre: Science-Fiction, Graphic Novel, Young Adult
Format: E-book 
Pages: 106 pages
Publisher: Quires Investments RLLLP

TheTwin is an entertaining and engaging social science fiction. A vividly illustrated story of twin planets, twin heroines, and twin virtues. Food for thoughts served in laconic nuggets of the hashtag age. 

Colorado teenage friends discover a twin planet of Earth in a parallel universe. An adventurous reporter records their quest, and gradually drawn into the story finds the love of his life. 

#TheTwin addresses young readers who will enjoy meeting the planetary twins and their eight female co-stars.


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

#TheTwin by Karel Jan Kosman is a very unique science-fiction novel that is sure to make you question a lot of things both ordinary as well as extraordinary.

I feel a little unsure about this book even though the book has a very compelling concept and a lot of potential, it somehow falls to bring everything together. The writing felt flat and the characters felt too underdeveloped for the kind of story that was conceived. I strongly think that with such a strong plot, one needs to have really good characterisation and a very good narrative to support as well as compliment it. And that is what was lacking in this book.

The graphics were good and I was able to detect a hidden theme running in them which was quite a surprise. I enjoyed them as they were crisp and clear.

I still liked the overall plot and the way the story was told in three different parts and feel that hardcore sci-fi fans might enjoy this story.

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