Book Review: Annihilation: A Story of the Armenian Genocide by Michael Bosland

Author: Michael Bosland
Release Date: 1st November 2019
Genre: Historical Fiction
Edition: e-book
Pages: 242
Publisher:Read All Over Publishing
A Story of the Armenian Genocide is the story of Rosmerta Bedrossian, a thirteen-year-old girl living outside Bayburt with her extended family. The Armenians are ordered out of their houses and sent on a march. As Rosmerta witnesses acts of increasingly senseless violence and cruelty against her family and her people, her initial confusion at their treatment gives way to indignation and anger, moments of despair, and occasions of renewed determination to survive. She also receives kindness and help from a variety of people.



To those who were massacred during the genocides of World War I. To those who survived despite being forced to endure unspeakable horrors. And to the descendants who keep their memories alive.

-Michael Bosland

Annihilation by Michael Bosland is a touching story that is definitely worth a read. It a compelling story providing a glimpse into he 2nd most talked about genocide int he history of the world. I am not a huge history buff so prior to reading this book I knew very little about the Armenian genocide, therefore I was really looking forward to read this book. And keeping up with my expectations this book turned out to be equally as insightful as it was engaging.

The characterisation felt realistic and the writing was really good and complimented the story well. But the best part was of course the concept and story. The author did a wonderful job in depicting the dilemmas and the horrors faced by the characters in dark times. It was a very informative read and even though the subject matter fo the book was so intense the book surprisingly did not felt too heavy.

It is a really good book and I’d recommend it to everyone who likes reading Historical fiction.

On a side note, after putting down this book, I looked up the topic on the internet and found it baffling about how less people know about the Armenian genocide. Everyone knows about the Holocaust but a lot of people, including me, are not aware of the details of this horrific period. So if you are someone like me and like researching stuff of the past, then do give this topic an eye. It was pretty mind baffling. Especially considering the term ‘genocide’ was coined for this particular massacre (basically, it happened even before the term was even coined – it started before and continued during WWI.)

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