Book Review: The Counsel Of Wizards (The Sunset Of Magic #2) by Allistair Potter

Author: Alistair Potter
Release Date: 15th May 2014
Genre: Science-Fiction-Fantasy, Adventure, Magic-Elementals, Quest
SeriesThe Sunset Of Magic (Book #2)
Edition: E-book
Pages: 259

Action, adventure, magic and more! Scholarly Grant Moy is sent by the dying Wizard Torven to a distant world in search of the Council of Wizards. Without another wizard to inherit Torven’s legacy, all his vast knowledge and experience will be lost. Ahead are challenges and adventures beyond Grant’s wildest imaginings.




The Counsel Of Wizards by Allistair Potter is the sequel to The Last Trollid, being the second book in the series Sunset Of Magic. This book is more of a magical adventure than anything else and I loved it for that. After reading author Potter’s books back to back, this one, even though being as technically detailed as it is, felt like a respite from hardcore sci-fi and gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling of a really great adventure story.

I enjoyed reading this book a lot and liked the character of Grant Moy a lot. He was very relatable and I felt a connection to both, him and his quest. Some of the characters from the previous book also joined Grant on his journey and it was good to read about them in a bit lighter settings. I think this is so far my favourite book in the series (though I’ve just read two) and can’t wait to see what more do the author has in store for us in the next instalments.

If you’re an adventure and magical quest buff then you should definitely read this book.

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