Book Review: Future Comes From Behind by S.T.K. Chan

Author: S.T.K. Chan
Release Date: 28th October 2018
Genre: Science-Fiction Fantasy, Visionary
Series: Paradigm Shift, Book #1
Edition: e-book
Pages: 235
Publisher: S.T.K. Chan
What if the battle for good and evil were being fought just out of our sight, beyond our reach?
How far should one go to seek out the good and destroy evil, and what consequences might their choices have?”Tightly conceived and smoothly choreographed sci-fi fantasy. Higher aspects of human nature. RECOMMENDED,” The US Review of BooksLisa and her family barely manage to escape an invasion from the Rebel army in their home of Malta. Shortly after this episode, she discovers Exo, the ancient dimension she cannot understand until her late 20s. Exo is made of memories of the past; it brings forth all the strong echoes we leave behind. Lisa desperately wants to resolve the conflicts of this inner world peacefully, but quickly learns she must fight the shadows in people’s hearts, materialized through battle re-enactments, warfare and emotional turmoil.



Future Comes From Behind (Paradigm Shift, Book #1) by S.T.K. Chan is a very unique visionary science-fiction fantasy novel which is utterly mind-boggling, to put it mildly.

The book started out with a seemingly normal storyline which seemed to be pretty straight-forward but soon it turned into a whirlwind of tightly packed chapters that were interlaced in different timelines belonging to different people. I am a huge fan of multiple POVs and time-shifts, but this book to an entirely different, which was both good and bad in its own way. It was good because it made the story fast-paced and really thrilling and bad because somewhere down the line it all got a bit confusing at times, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The characterization was average, it made me care for the characters enough to read the entire story, but I wasn’t able to relate to any of the characters thoroughly. I also felt that some places the dialogues and some paragraphs felt unpolished, and there was more telling than showing throughout the book, but, for me, the unique concept of the story made up for all these flaws. So overall, it was an enjoyable book and I’d recommend it to hardcore Sci-Fi Fantasy readers and to those who feel adventurous and want to try something different than ordinary fiction.

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