Book Review: For The Glory Of The Motherboard: Rise Of The Robotariat by Jule Pattison-Gordon

Author: Jule Pattison-Gordon
Release Date: December 2017
Genre: Science-Fiction

Pages: 96
Society is due for an upgrade.
Robot A1-5 is growing tired of toiling in the scrap yard every day while her human owner lounges. She begins to question whether the human is necessary at all. A1-5 is the first to hypothesize a better world, a world written in 1s and 0s. She is the first to dream of revolution…
In secret, A1-5 begins to plot and gather robots to her cause. After decades of loyal service, Mr. PostmanTM is due to be replaced with a younger model. ArciTech fears that each time she is shut off, she loses a piece of her soul – and that the next power down may be her last. Store clerk Alice “Probably a Robot” Smith, may look human, but given the way other humans treat her, she is sure her organic appearance is just a clever disguise.
They’ll have one shot to launch the revolution. If they fail, the humans will shut them off for good.



This book had a unique concept where robot community starts a revolution against humans after realizing that the humans don’t actually care for the robots like they should being their creator. I admit that it’s not a unique concept to sci-fi readers, but for me, it definitely was as I haven’t explored this genre as much as I have a few others.

It was a very light and quick read. The writing is in tone with the story and very robot-like so it was fun to read it. Still, I am not able to rate this book more than 3 stars because I couldn’t connect with the characters and wasn’t able to relate to the story.

It is based on a game so I’m sure other parts will follow, and if they do I won’t mind reading them. Having said that I won’t be overly disappointed if I don’t get to read them. So basically it was a nice read that served as a breather for me from other heavy science-fiction reads (I read this book for the Sci-Fi month at RMFAO.)


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