Book Review: The Storm And The Darkness (House of Crimson and Clover 0.8)

25471057Author: Sarah M. Cradit
Release: June 4, 2013
Series: House of Crimson and Clover
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Edition: Kindle
Pages: 427 pages
Publisher: Self-published
Source: Author
Buy it here: Amazon

Rating: ★★★★★


Ana Deschanel has made a terrible mistake. The only chance of protecting the other people involved is to flee New Orleans, the only home she has ever known, for the quiet solitude of Summer Island.
Summer Island, Maine (population 202) is not the tranquil escape Ana imagined. The locals are distant and cold, especially her neighbor, the reclusive veterinarian Jonathan St. Andrews. Her only lifeline is the kind but odd caretaker Alex Whitman. Showing up at all the right moments, he warns her she is completely unprepared for a Maine winter. As the first winter storm approaches to whispers of an island shutdown- Ana realizes that she may soon be cut off from the rest of the world.
After a surprising encounter with Jonathan’s brother, Finn, Ana finds herself braving the storm to return something to him. Unprepared for the Maine storm, she slips and falls onto the jagged rocks along the shore. The St. Andrews brothers find her in the nick of time, but she remains unconscious. As the storm worsens, the St. Andrews brothers learn there are other, more sinister forces at work closer than they ever imagined.
With no help from the outside world, they must find a way to protect themselves from both the storm, and the growing darkness that looms across the island.


Plot/Story: Ana the main character leaves her childhood home of New Orleans and runs to a Summer Island in Maine, where a storm will change her life forever.

Characters: I loved following all the characters in this story. Ana (who I relate a lot to many of her characteristics), Nicolas (so powerful and all he wants is love), Jon and Finn (brothers, but Finn is my favorite). The made many great characters, that you will find yourself wanting to meet them in real life 😉 The author did a wonderful job of making them relatable and lovable. I was hook from the first page. I loved walking beside them as they went on their adventures looking for love.

Romance/Kills: I loved the relationship between Ana and Finn, you could see that there’s a true connection between them, but the author keeps us in the guessing mode until the very end. With all the mystery and twists, it was a beautifully written love story.

Writing: The author’s writing style is wonderful to follow and each chapter follows the characters from a different Pov that made the book so much interesting. She grabbed my attention from the start and I was taking the journey with all the characters. The powers the characters are given are so unique and I found myself, wishing I had Ana’s healing powers (that could be amazing). I loved the author’s imagination and the flawless descriptions, but it wasn’t too much that you would get bored. The author really makes you feel everything (I love that).

Beginning: From the beginning, I was hooked to the story and to the characters, I didn’t want to let them go. The flow and the pacing of the book were great, letting the suspense build up and making me even more connected to the story.

Ending: Why did it have to end? (Oh wait; I have the next book, yay).

Cover Art: The cover is gorgeous ❤

Blurb: I loved the blurb. It pulled me in and made me want to know more. It is also well written and describes the story so well.

Other Stuff

Opening Line: “All I’m saying is, Deliverance was based on a true story.”

Highlights: This series is by far unique and different from any book I’ve read so far, in a very good way. I loved the Pov changes (I normally don’t like it), it made the story feel more unique and it made me fall in love with the characters from the very beginning.

Lowlights: None.

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