Book Review: The Apostates Book Two: Remnants

27343130Author: Lars Teeney
Release: October 27, 2015
Series: The Apostates
Genre: Science Fiction. Post-Apocalyptic. Dystopian.
Edition: Kindle
Pages: 198 pages
Publisher: Self-published
Source: Author
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Rating: ★★★★

Blurb: After the fall of the ruling Regime of New Megiddo, the John W. Schrubb Administration, the remnants of the country are fought over by the Republic of China Army, the Societatum Pentagram, ‘Database’ cartels, and independent city-states. Greta Sanchez, a former Apostate resistance commander who had sought refuge in West Europa is haunted by the nuclear annihilation of the old capital, New Megiddo City. In order to atone for her complicity in the destruction, she resolves to return to America to stop a new war. Greta sets out to track down her old comrades to reform the Apostates to meet new threats.


Plot/Story: The rebellion won the fight and the government had fallen, but now things need to be fixed and rebuild. The new world is left unclaimed which bring new players into a potentially new war.

Characters: Evan and Consuela in America while Greta in Paris. In this book, we learn more about the character’s past and family. I loved learning more about them.

Writing: The author kept to his style here as well, making the read very east to follow, even with all the POV changes and history of the characters.

Beginning: You dive deep and fast into the story and the chaos that was left from the first book, feels real with a lot of pain.

Ending: Missing some sort of a resolve for the characters, but I think it might be in another book.

Cover Art: The author kept the same motive of the cover and I loved that the cover stays very much the same.

Other Stuff

Opening Line: “Evan and Consuela had been dragged into situations and skirmished in and around New York and what had once been called New England.”

Highlights: I loved getting to know the old and new characters better. I also enjoyed the writing style of the author a lot. The author stayed true to his own style making book 1 and 2 feel as one.

Lowlights: The story felt as unfinished and it was too short.

Final Thoughts: It was a good read and I enjoyed reading what happened to all my favorite characters.

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