Book Review: The Timeweaver’s Wager

29545245Author: Axel Blackwell
Release: March 17, 2016
Genre: Time Travel | Mystery | Paranormal
Edition: Kindle
Pages: 220
Source: Author
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Rating: ★★★★

Blurb: Glen McClay sits on a fallen log by the railroad trestle, watching for his girlfriend’s ghost. Eight years ago, Connie Salvatore was savagely murdered here. Glen has spent his life seeking redemption, haunted by the knowledge that he might have been able save her. The time has come to let go of his past and move on with his life. But as he prepares to do so, an old friend offers Glen the redemption he has always sought – a chance to relive that horrible night and change the past. All he has to do… is die.


Plot/Story: Glen, the main character is full of guilt and regret. He couldn’t save his girlfriend and for 8 years, he kept wishing for only one thing…Going back in time to change the outcome. He builds his life around his girlfriend’s death.
I love the idea of time traveling to able to change at least one thing in our life. Who haven’t thought of that? Or how it will go? Will you change the outcome to the worst? Love the idea!

Characters: Glen is a very agonized character here. He is so haunted by what happened to his girlfriend, Connie. The author is written these feeling of loss and grief so well, it made me connect to the Glen so fast and for me, it’s a huge part pf a great read.

Romance/Kills: Connie (Glen’s girlfriend) was killed in a horrible death.

Writing: The balance in writing the older Glen and the younger Glen was made so beautifully. I didn’t just enjoy the writing style of the author, I loved it and it made everything move better and flow faster.

Beginning: From the start I was taken to a roller-coaster of emotions and it hit home with me.

Ending: Even though there were a few times where the story was dragged when I came to the end all I wanted is more for this world the author had built.

Cover Art: It’s pretty but very simple. I would love a more attractive cover.

Blurb: The blurb really set the mood for the story and it did a wonderful job in attracting my attention, making me choose this book to read.

Other Stuff

Opening Line: “Glen McClay sat on a fallen tree beside the dead girl’s shrine, staring down the train tracks to the point in the distance where the two rails converged.”

Highlights: A fast paced read, which was amazing that the story just flew by fast and easily.

Lowlights: The only thing that I can say is that I didn’t like how much time it took for Glen to really make a decision. That part dragged for a long time, but how can you take a decision so horrible, fast, lol.

Final Thoughts: It was a great book to read.

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