TRB’s Year In Book Reviews (2015)

Hello, everyone.

2015 has been an excellent year and in order to say goodbye to this amazing year, I have decided to do a post listing all our reviews in 2015. So here it is, but before we begin, I’d like to thank the review contributors of TRB.

This year I spent almost 4 complete months writing and editing my novel, Decieved, I was short on time fulfilling all the review requests and it was then that these review contributors really helped me keep TRB flooded with reviews. So a big THANK YOU to all the review contributors (even those who are no longer doing reviews for TRB.) You guys have been a really great help to me!
Special thanks to Galit and Heather. You guys rock! ❤

Also, a big THANK YOU to all the lovely readers of TRB. Thanks for all you Likes, Comments, and Support. You are the soul of this blog ❤

Here are the books that we reviewed at TRB in 2015:

Reviews by me (Heena):

Reviews by review-contributors:

Review’s by Galit:

Reviews by Heather:

Reviews by Amaryllis:

Reviews by Aditya:

Reviews by Chris:

I hope that in 2016 we’ll be reviewing many more amazing books and keep all the readers of TRB entertained. See you guys in in 2016!

Ciao ❤

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