Book Review: Demon Dance (A Sundancer Novel #1)


AuthorBrian Freyermuth
Release Date: November 17, 2013
Series: Sundancer
Genre: Urban Fantasy | Paranormal | Thriller
Edition: mobi
Pages: 4159
Publisher: Middark Press
Source: Author
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Nick St. James was born different. His extraordinary gifts have saved him time and time again, but they couldn’t save the one thing he loved most: his wife.

Now he just wants to forget his old life, but more importantly, he wants to forget the magical underworld that lives beneath the “real” world. A place where a man’s faith can determine the very fabric of reality. Where ancient forgotten gods walk hidden among us, and angels and demons fight for our very souls.

But nothing stays hidden forever. Nick’s peaceful world is ripped apart when a demon slaughters his ex-partner and marks him for death. Now he must use all his gifts to find the one who summoned the nightmarish creature, but more importantly, he needs to find the one thing he lost long ago.






After the death of Nick’s wife and her sister, nick start to plan and start to realize that he can no longer hide from what he is. This story is one big ups and down and tons of action, with lots of emotions. This book has everything you might want from a book in this genre and much more.


Nick is a wonderful and surprising main character. All he really wants is normal life, after all “he’s just a writer” but life always seems to interrupt with his plans. Soon he learns that he can no longer hide from his paranormal world, but he also learns how he fits in the normal world. I loved the inner battles Nick faces and see how he faces them.


The constant battle against demons is not pretty, lol, but the author details of these violent battles are not too revolting (for my taste) but they are not pretty 😉
From bizarre friendships and surprising characters along the way, I loved that this book ends with the best happy ending that can be for Nick, at least for the first book.


This is a first person told story and it’s full of sarcastic humor and emotions. The author truly has a great writing style that keeps you flipping those pages fast and wanting to know more. I love how took this wonderful and harsh world of the paranormal and yet still kept our normal world and the humanity more dominant and more important to the story.
There are big, big names in this book that you might already know and Nick and his friends battle them all.


The beginning of the book was very fast pace, exciting to read and the author’s writing of the paranormal really grabs your attention from the start. For the first few lines you get to know the author’s humor and writing style and you are hooked 😉


There were a few things, that remained unexplained, but I guess the author leaves some for next book. With that being said, the ending was still very satisfying and I am sure to read the next book.

Cover Art:

I loved the cover art a lot. It’s simple yet very pretty and hints nicely of the book’s plot.


The blurb on Goodreads was really intriguing and I am happy it didn’t disappoint me, as sometime this happens. It’s a short blurb, written with hints and clues and overall very interesting.

You can also read this review at Goodreads and Amazon.

Other Stuff

Opening Line: “Leave it to an ancient god to ruin a perfectly good afternoon.”

Highlights: Everything! I love the characters, the paranormal world and I love Brian’s writing style a lot.

Lowlights: None!

Memorable Quotes:

Leave it to an ancient god to ruin a perfectly good afternoon.

Ann used to say that life is a constant battle between faith and chance. That by giving us free will, the creator also gave us chance.

It will never be you, Nick. The game is in your blood. It’s what made you…you. It’s what Ann fell in love with.

Oh, and Nick?” “Yeah?” “Don’t be so dumb either. You really do have a hard time staying in one piece.

Final Thoughts: This is a bizarre, entertaining and fantastic book to read, I truly enjoyed reading it.

Review contributor:

pics copy 2Galit Balli

I am an avid reader, coffee addict, a writer and a blogger. I am a bit of agoraphobic (people scare me, lol). Me and my hubby love to spend every moment together, we even game together.

I live mostly in my own imaginary world full of dragons, magic and vampires and from time to time I pull myself away to deal with the real world.

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