Book Review: Delusional


Author: Scott Spotson and Sue Publicover
Release Date: September 8th 2013
Series: None
Genre: Thriller | Mystery | Romance
Edition: Kindle
Pages: 3600
Publisher: Createspace
Source: Author
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When rising marketing executive Patricia Fowler falls for Paul Blast, a married co-worker, she tries to put her life into perspective—a task that becomes increasingly difficult when she starts having eerie hallucinations. Patricia’s dreams of a happily ever after turn into one nightmare after another as she battles threats that go beyond her imagination.

Is her new love behind the torment? After all, his former girlfriend ended up in an asylum.

Or could Paul’s wife be more than a bored, spoiled, rich girl?

Meanwhile, the FBI is trying to track down a thief who magically appears and disappears, taking priceless gems and artwork with her.

“Delusional” is a fast-paced thriller that blurs the lines of reality and fantasy, leading to an explosive climax where what you see isn’t necessarily what you’re going to get!





I must say that this story was surprisingly quick read and even though I am not must a fan of Romance based stories, this story did made me fell in-love with the story and the characters.
At first you have two storied that slowly being combined together. From the beginning of the story you are kept in suspense of who is the thief of the Hope diamond and why or how Patricia has her hallucinations and delusions.


The characters are well written and well plotted out. The author placed so much thought and care for the characters that as a reader you get deeply involved with their lives and thoughts.


This book has forbidden love of Patricia and Paul, passion and violence all written in such a way that left you thinking of what will happen next.


This book is very well crafted and well written. It has a very interesting plot with lots of mystery and suspense. This book has a few cliffhangers that made you turn the page and see what will go wrong next or will things get better.


The beginning of the story was a bit slow for me. The two separated stories made it a bit harder to get into the story, but after that the story takes a hard grip of you and you are hooked.


The story ended in a perfect way (I will not spoil it for you) but I will say that nothing was left unsolved.

Cover Art:

I love the cover art. Its simplicity makes it more pretty.


The blurb is very accurate in the story’s plot and of what the characters will have to deal with. I think it’s witty and very engaging. After reading the blurb and saw the beautiful cover, I really wanted to read this book and overall was not disappointed.

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Other Stuff

Opening Line: The Hope Diamond, a perfect cut, 45.52 carats of glittering violet-blue, shone in the floodlights, perfectly ensconced inside its display case in the Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

Highlights: I loved the mystery in this book. It made me think of reading more mystery types of books. The details the author wrote about the characters and their environment is so well done that it was as if you are watching a movie. I also loved Patricia so much. She is well written to such a wonderful character, that I loved getting to know her better.

Lowlights: There were a few odd things in the story, especially in the begging of the story that were a bit confusing, like the paranormal parts were left a bit unresolved although it has the feel for more (maybe a sequel).

Final Thoughts: I enjoyed reading this book and even though the paranormal here was a bit undeveloped, it still made the story so much better and more unique and I am sure you will enjoy reading this book.

Review contributor:

pics copy 2Galit Balli

I am an avid reader, coffee addict, a writer and a blogger. I am a bit of agoraphobic (people scare me, lol). Me and my hubby love to spend every moment together, we even game together.

I live mostly in my own imaginary world full of dragons, magic and vampires and from time to time I pull myself away to deal with the real world.

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