Graphic Novel Review: Copperhead: A New Sheriff In Town (Vol. #1)


Author: Jay Faerber
Illustrator: Scott Godlewski and Ron Riley
Release Date: 11th March, 2015
Series: Copperhead
Genre: Science-Fiction | Western | Mystery | Suspense | Action | Comics 
Edition: ascm file
Pages: 128
Publisher: Image Comics
Source: NetGalley


Welcome to Copperhead, a grimy mining town on the edge of a backwater planet. Single mom Clara Bronson is the new sheriff, and on her first day she’ll have to contend with a resentful deputy, a shady mining tycoon, and a family of alien hillbillies. And did we mention the massacre?
Collects COPPERHEAD #1-5




I simply loved Copperhead, right from the amazing world-setting down to the plot and characters. It has a really impressive story line and one I’m looking forward to read again and again. The life forms are really amazing, they are  so… western and alien, that it’s a treat seeing them.

I loved the lead, Sheriff Clara Bronson, and her personality. She’s a kick-ass cop who’ll stop at nothing to get criminals behind the bars and she’s a single mother. I adore her as a character and would love to read all the books in this series.

I also loved the concept of humans wining a space war against aliens with the help of artificial humans (arties) and then living with other species. What’s different is that this book had a side story as well where Zeke (Clara’s son) tries to help a girl find her puppy and how at the end things seem to be connected with Clara’s case. It kept me absorbed the entire time.

The illustrations are superb and the over-all feel of the book is very western, which is really unique. I loved the concept of the Copperhead-world and even liked the species of villains as well (whatever they were.)

I’ll recommend it to anyone who likes to read a good series with amazing world-setting and great story-line along with aliens and arties.

You can also read this review at Goodreads.

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    1. Heheh! Actually I read it even before the release, just didn’t get enough time to review it before… I received it almost 1 month before the release 😉
      Thanks Erika 🙂
      Have a fabulous week!!! ❤

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