Book Review: Skive

 Author: Paul Adam levy
 Release Date: April 19, 2014
 Series: None
 Genre: Dark-Comedy | Fiction 
 Edition: mobi
 Pages: 114
 Publisher: Self-Published
 Interest: Requested by author
 Source: Author (Thanks a lot Paul!)
 Buy it here: Amazon


Skive is a black comedy that introduces a dysfunctional man who, disillusioned with his boring, hum drum life working in a supermarket, is thrown into panic when an unexpected opportunity is offered to him. Suddenly, he feels trapped in a life he wishes to escape.

A snap decision to flee from the routine and boredom finds him on an unplanned, ill-thought through journey on the streets of London, searching for an elusive dream. He observes with wit and cynicism a way of life he never could have imagined.


five starsPlot | Story

The plot of Skive is laid out brilliantly. It’s quite simple which serves the propose perfectly. The story takes your to a dozen places and also to dozen dark emotions Alex feels. It all just syncs nicely. Rather than being clumsy and confusing, the entire plot was made clear and meaningful. With this kind of plot Paul Adam Levy really walked on a thin thread but to my relief, he came out neat! I liked the story from the start, though I really had no idea where the plot will go given Alex’s state of mind, but within two chapters I was happy to ride along.


The character of Alex is superbly crafted. He is the soul of the book. The entire story revolves around him and he’s the most perfectly explained character I’ve read in a long time. Inspite of Alex being dysfunctional, you’ll start to understand his way of thinking and very soon you’ll also start to think like him. Trust me, you’ll be able to find logic in his way of thinking and by the end of the book you’ll pretty much start questioning your own sanity.


I won’t exactly call Alex’s feelings for his neighbour, romance, as it was just one-sided.  It was something in between love and lust. The only person he liked in the world was his neighbour but he messes things up between them and well, that was the turning point in the book, so go ahead and read it!


In two words I’ll describe the writing as ‘exceptionally intelligent’. I liked the steady flow of the story and the way things occurred and also the timings of their occurrence! Yea, this was where I thought the author could have gone wrong. When you write a book such as this, it’s quite easy to bore the reader, but Paul pulled this job fantastically! I enjoyed this book every bit.


In the beginning it took me a bit of a time to relate to Alex but once that was done, I felt completely at ease with his way of thinking. At some points he was a bit of an overbearance but that’s understandable as that’s what adds reality to  Alex’s dysfunctional state.


The ending of the book couldn’t have been much better. It ended where it all started, back to square one! And that what I could have never imagined. It literally left me grinning like a oaf.

Cover Art

The cover art is just beautiful! It’s neat, colourful and quite arty.


The blurb, in this case, is as transparent as it could be. It is not even the tinniest bit misleading. You’ll get what you are promised!

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 Other Stuff

Opening Line: “The rain streamed past the glow of the street lights as I listened to my steel toe boots pounding against the pavement.”

Highlights: Lead character, Alex.

Low-lights: None.

Memorable Quote:

To a foolish man, her kind features and the way she held herself would be mistaken for timidness, but I could see her for her true self. She would not be manipulated or taken for a fool. She would not accept poor service from a careless waiter or an incorrect order at bar. She could save the world in her slippers while holding a mug of coca before asking what all the fuss was about She was the angel of decency. A casual hero.”

Final Thoughts: A brilliantly written book.

13 thoughts on “Book Review: Skive

    1. Then you’ll definitely like this one!
      While writing the review on Amazon, I noticed that this book’s kindle edition is free! If you’re planning on reading it then head over there and download for free! It’s definitely worth the pain needed to download! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Molly! Thanks for the kind appraisal 🙂
      This book is about a guy who works in stacking section of a mall and he’s been doing it from last 20-30 years! A death of his senior provides an opportunity for him to get promoted. Being dysfunctional, he freaks out and throws a tantrum. From there on he starts messing up with each and everything he had (like his dear neighbour and his appartment and his personal stuff).
      Then he’s just left alone with his craziness. He then starts roaming streets, makes a friend and screws up there as well… The book ends beautifully and the end is full of irony!
      It’s a great book. Give it a try, you might like it a lot! 🙂


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