Book Review: The Adventures of Lord Bolingbroke by Joshua Catchatoor

Book Details:

Author: Joshua Catchatoor
Release Date: 
3rd November 2022
Series: A Comedic Tudor Tale (Book #1)
Genre: Adventure, Humor Fiction, British Humor, Novellas, Historical, and Tudor Period
Format: E-book 
Pages: 105
Herein you will find a comedic romp through the English Renaissance, in which the titular Elizabethan courtier finds himself under increasing pressure to keep both himself and his country out of trouble.
Great men and women have throughout the ages clung on to the swinging tailcoats of history, their deeds nonetheless holding profound significance for centuries to come.
Such is the case with Lord Bolingbroke, a man able to shape the destinies of nations; the hedonistic courses of an evening at the local pub; and contemporary impressions of England’s 16th century populace.

This is the first part of his grand tale.

‘A hilarious adventure guaranteed in all but actual law to have you laughing out loud, as you witness a man attempting to navigate such thrilling matters as: various heads of state (and several horses) of questionable intelligence, political conspiracy, dodgy brewing standards, zealots of diverse persuasion and shenanigans bawdy enough to make a grandmother blush. And that’s just for starters.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Adventures of Lord Bolingbroke by Joshua Catchatoor is a brilliant dose of British humour, especially for those who actively seek and admire the Elizabethan era. The author’s wit is really commendable and his insertions of current events into the historical plot made the story all the more interesting. I liked the author’s writing style and his sense of humour which was neither too subtle nor too over the top.

The extremely well-done characterisation is the bane of this story and the author has done an amazing job with it. Not only the main character of Lord Bolingbroke but also the secondary characters are extremely well-developed and rounded making this book a really fun and interesting read.

I’d strongly recommend this book to all readers, no matter what genre of books they prefer to read, as this book has a lot to offer to its readers.

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