Book Review: Δrakon by Wallace Knucker

Book Details:

Author: Wallace Knucker
Release Date: 
31st March 2022
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Format: E-book 
Pages: 392 pages
Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd
Dragons were powerful and formidable warriors, they could use fire very differently than the warriors of the fire. It was like they could command the element, like fire was part of them. The scariest thing about them though, was their real form. Just a handful of people had seen it and survived long enough to tell the story.

The only thing I know about this form is that it was giving them tremendous speed and power beyond any imagination and that just a look at it was enough to make your blood freeze in your veins.
When war began among humans and dragons, our annihilation was certain. At the last battle, one hundred thousand humans, with the help of the elves, faced two thousand of those monsters. The magic of the elves combined with the sheer will and determination of the warriors led to victory. This was the battle in which dragons were wiped from existence. 


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Δrakon by Wallace Knucker is an enthralling new epic fantasy novel featuring **drumrolls** DRAGONS!!

I was sold on the D-word alone as I am a big-time fan of the creatures, but the fact that this book was based on the concept of their extinction, which is obviously re-imagined, had me by the throat! And I am so glad that this book did not disappoint. On the contrary, it proved to be a pretty great read!

The writing was great, the characterisation really good and the execution of the plot and the magic system was simply outstanding! The tension graph of the book had me sitting at the edge of my seat through most of the book. The story had a great flow and I was able to finish the book in one sitting – which says a lot about how good the book was.

I would strongly recommend this book to all fans of the fantasy genre and to those who especially love reading about dragons (with some elves and the elven magic system thrown in.)

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