Book Review: The Invitation: To Journey Through A Conscious Mind by Tyfany Janee

Author: Tyfany Janee
Release Date: 31st March 2017
Genre: Poetry Collection
Edition: e-book
Pages: 40
Publisher: Self-Published

BlurbThe Invitation: To journey through a conscious mind, is a showcase in talent from author and poet Tyfany Janee. She’s eloquently produced the anthology through plaintive artistic angst. Injecting the essence of her soul into her prose. The diverse collection of poetry which lies between the covers is the result of an entire life’s work experimenting within her vocation.
Her work is comprised of truth, meaning, hope, possibility and a succinct hint of humor as she tears away the facade from humanity. The works shed light on relative issues that we’re all faced with in our easily waywardly led astray lives, and the monotony that makes up our existence.
The Invitation: To journey through a conscious mind is an ode to the beat generation of poets that carved their names in literary history. Any creative mind will revel in the inspiration that lies between these pages, it’s full of daring attitude, and celebration for the authentic. A unique look on love, that you have to dare to delve within. It harnesses true devotion, with a stark, hair raising element of modern reality.


The Invitation: A Journey To The Conscious Mind by Tyfany Janee is a remarkable collection of poems that will surely make you feel one with the author’s emotions.

I rarely read poetry collections but when I do I make sure that the one I pick up is worth m y time and energy and this is where this book totally nailed my expectations. Each and every poem was concise, to-the-point and surprisingly very relatable. The language is simple yet effectively descriptive and went a long way in leaving the desired impact on me as a reader.

At first, I was a bit sceptical as to what to expect from this book, but the overall tone of the poems and the poems, in general, felt very inviting and gave a sense, for no apparent reason, that I knew the author well and grasped the gist of exactly what the author was talking about. This made the entire collection very relatable and easy to read.

I’d recommend this book to poetry enthusiasts and readers who want to read something by a promising new author.

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