Book Review: Oh, Lords! Who We Date, Why We Date Them, and What We’ve Learned by Jes Averhart and Terresa Zimmerman

Book Details:

Author: Jes Averhart,  Terresa Zimmerman
Release Date: 1st October 2021
Genre: Non-Fiction, Dating, Self-Help
Format: E-book 
Pages: 188 pages
Publisher: Stonebrook Publishing
Oh, Lords! is about two women sharing their dating stories, dating glories, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Oh, Lords! Who We Date, Why We Date Them, and What We’ve Learned is the only book of its kind to discuss dating in the context of archetypes, “Lords”, through the eyes and experience of the authors.
You will meet the Lords: Lord Journeyman, Lord Contradiction, Lord FOMO, Lord Layaway, Lord Self-Absorbed, Lord At Your Peril, Lord Good Guy Not My Guy, and Lord My Guy. These are the men, the archetypes, that litter the landscape of the dating world, and when you see them for who they are, you might start making different choices about who you spend your time with.
You don’t have to be dating to find the humor, insight, community, and reminders of your own triumphs and turning points.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Oh, Lords! Who We Date, Why We Date Them & What We’ve Learned by Jes Averhart & Terresa Zimmerman is a uniquely fresh and refreshingly witty book about the dating experiences of the authors.

In this book, the authors, Jes and Terresa, talk about their dating history – breaking down men into categorical archetypes called Lords, the lessons they have learned and sharing the wisdom of someone who’d ‘been there, done that.’ The book is full of funny stories, humorous yet relatable comparisons and honest confessions that provide a keen insight into the process (including pre as well as post) dating scenario and situations.

I enjoyed reading his book a lot even though I’ve been out of the dating sphere for over a decade because this book is so shockingly relatable. We all have been there and dating some of the men mentioned in this book (or maybe more than some 😉 ) I’d definitely recommend this book to all women readers because I am sure you will find the content outrageously relatable and will definitely have a good couple of hearty laughs at the least! The single women, though, will definitely find this book very informative and helpful.

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