Book Review: Sidelined: How Women Manage and Mismanage Their Health by Susan Salenger 

Book Details:

Author: Susan Salenger 
Release Date: 
10th April 2022
Genre: Non-Fiction > Health
Format: E-book 
Pages: 224 pages
Publisher: She Writes Press
“If men had cramps, they’d have cured this by now…”
“I told my doctor about my pain for years, but he told me it was all in my head…”
“My doctor removed my IUD without anesthesia because ‘there aren’t any nerve endings in there.’ Boy, was he wrong!”
These and countless other comments from women who’ve suffered at the hands of the healthcare industry are frighteningly common… but they don’t have to be. 

Sidelined: How Women Manage & Mismanage Their Health discloses how women have been marginalized and hesitate to take control over their own healthcare. But what’s behind this nationwide medical crisis? 
Too often, women:
· Ignore their symptoms to avoid being “difficult.”
· Downplay their suffering out of fear of being branded “hysterical.” 
· Are reluctant to question their doctors’ assessments, even if they don’t seem right.
The end result could be inferior care, which can lead to serious consequences.
In Sidelined, writer and researcher Susan Salenger explains why women are misdiagnosed more often than men, and why their symptoms often go unrecognized or even disputed. 
This book teaches readers how to:
· Take charge of their health.
· Communicate their medical needs with their doctor.
· Make informed decisions about their own healthcare.
· Leave their appointments with answers instead of just questions.

Knowing how to advocate for your own healthcare can mean the difference between healthy outcomes and years of needless agony or even death.
This important women’s health book equips readers with the knowledge, language, and skill sets they need to overcome the gender bias that is present in the medical industry and get the best healthcare possible.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sidelined: How Women Manage and Mismanage Their Health by Susan Salenger is a keenly essential and extremely well-researched book on women’s health that should be read by all women and even men so that they can know the challenges and help out and, when required, take better care of their partners, mothers, sisters and friends.

This book simply BLEW my mind as it had so much relevant and essential information that I had not been expecting at all. I mean, of course, I was expecting some information and advice, but this book turned out to be a whole treasure trove of valuable insights, practical examples and experiences, advice on what to do, how to do and what not to do and if to do something then how exactly to do it. This book even covered the misconceptions harboured by doctors themselves and how these could be way more harmful to patients that the disease itself. So ladies, start by choosing the right doctors and gynacs for yourself. No more going for the douche doctors who think period pains are “just in your head.”

To summarise in one sentence, this book is a must-read for all women and even men, who have women in their life whom they really love. I would strongly suggest this book to EVERYONE on this planet! GO, get this book and read it!

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