Book Review: Dreamsphere: The Day We Stopped Dreaming by Samson Tonauac

Author: Samson Tonauac
Release Date: 23rd September 2019
Genre: Cyberpunk, Sci-fi, Dark Humour
Format: E-book
Pages: 143
Publisher: Moonshine Cove Publishing

Dreamsphere is a profoundly philosophic, chaotic, nihilistic story without heroes, plot, climax, or purpose; but with cats, flying pigs and meaning. An epic cyberpunk/science fiction tale about nothing. Life has meaning … does it not?



Dreamsphere: The Day We Stopped Dreaming by Samson Tonauac is a futuristic sci-fi cyberpunk enlaced with dark humour. The writing is raw and direct and mostly I didn’t mind it as it gave a unique edge to the story. The plot structure was okay and the story was good and in spite of being presented in fragments and a lot of head-hopping, I found it engaging.

The characters were obviously written with the intent of not being loved, but, as a writer myself, I think that it could have been done in a better way. Creating unlikable characters is one of the lesser-used tropes, but done well, it makes the story very interesting, but in this book, I felt the characters lacked personality altogether and that was a major problem for me.

Overall, I’d say it was an entertaining read and would recommend it to die-hard cyberpunk and sci-fi fans.

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