Book Review: A Council Of Ghosts by Ryan Harper Jones

Book Details:

Author: Ryan Harper Jones
Release Date: 
1st November 2021
Genre: Children’s Fantasy, Adventure Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery
Format: E-book 
Pages: 222 pages
When a sorcerer arrives in Edgings Burrow, Saul, Ruby, and Henry don’t realise the turmoil their lives are about to encounter. Transported into a strange world of sorcerers, vampires, and ghosts, the three children endure a desperate race to return home which takes them to the edge of war, through the clutches of slave traders and kidnappers, before they discover a deep dark secret.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

A Council Of Ghosts by Ryan Harper Jones is a brilliant new fantasy adventure book full of fast-paced twists and turns that’ll keep the reader on the edge of their seats from the beginning of the book right down to the very end. This book was an emotional philosophical rollercoaster ride that left me wanting more!

I absolutely loved the writing as it had a great flow and, at times, showcased a beautiful lyrical quality, especially in the descriptions that helped elevate the narrative to an entirely different level. The characterisation was the best part of the book and I was able to relate to not only the main characters of Saul, Ruby and Henry but also to the secondary characters.

I would strongly recommend this book to all fantasy readers, especially children’s fantasy and adventure lovers because it has a lot to offer to everyone.

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