Book Review: The Playful Mind: How to Restore the Happiness We Experienced as Children by Paul Daniel

Book Details:

Author: Paul Daniel
Release Date: 
14th July 2022
Genre: Self-Help, Non-Fiction
Format: E-book 
Pages: 269 pages
As children, we were often so happy because it was easy for us to enter the playful mind. The “playful mind” is the mentality of being receptive to engagement with the present moment. As we got older, this playful mind became interfered with, making it more difficult for us to enter this mental state. If we are not mentally receptive to the present moment, it becomes harder for us to engage with it and produce feelings of happiness.

In this book, Paul Daniel identifies what is interfering with the playful mind and how to remove them. Primarily, there are mental frameworks we’ve adopted growing up that inhibit our satisfaction and cause us suffering. Such mental frameworks today preoccupy our thoughts and keep us from engaging with what is happening right in front of us. By dismantling these mental frameworks and removing other sources of interference, we can more easily enter the playful mind again – even as adults. With easier access to the playful mind, you will be able to experience more happiness in each moment.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The Playful Mind: How to Restore the Happiness We Experienced as Children by Paul Daniel is a very informative book about understanding how the mind works and how we can choose to be more present in the present moment (something like mindfulness but not exactly like it) and be more happy and assertive as a result.

I liked reading this book because it had a lot of information on self-growth and self-development and I found most of it easily understandable and applicable in daily life which I really appreciate. The book is written well and has a good flow. I was able to finish the book pretty quickly so for me it fit in well with my schedule and busy work life.

I’d recommend this book to everyone who likes reading self-development books, especially the ones focused on how the mind works and the various practices that help one achieve better and stress-free living.

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