Book Review: Desert Kill Switch by Mark S. Bacon

Author: Mark S. Bacon
Release Date: 30th September 2017
Genre: Mystery
Series:  A Nostalgia City Mystery – Book #2
Edition: Paperback
Publisher: Black Opal Books
A Deadly Vegas Pursuit—with a Twist…
On an empty desert road, stressed-out ex-cop Lyle Deming finds a bullet-riddled body next to a vintage mint-condition 1970s Pontiac Firebird. When he returns to the scene with sheriff’s deputies: no car, no body. Does the answer lie in Nostalgia City, the retro theme park where Lyle works?
Nostalgia City VP Kate Sorensen, a former college basketball star, is in Reno, Nevada, on park business when she gets mixed up with a sleazy Las Vegas auto dealer who puts hidden “kill switches” and GPS trackers into the cars he sells to low-income buyers. Miss a payment—sometimes by as little as a few days—and your car is dead. Maybe you are, too.
When Kate’s accused of murder in Reno, Lyle rushes to help his blonde not-quite-girlfriend. Kate and Lyle plow through a deadly tangle of suspects and motives, hitting one dead end after another, as they struggle to exonerate Kate, catch a blackmailer, save a witness’s life, and find the missing car and corpse.
Desert Kill Switch is the second novel in this mystery series set in Nostalgia City, an Arizona theme park that re-creates—in every detail—a small town as it would have appeared in the mid-1970s.



Desert Kill Switch by Mark S. Bacon is a unique mystery novel with a nice plot and exceptional settings.

It is a really good book – great pacing, good writing, nice plot twists, decent mystery. But what I enjoyed the most was the setting – Nostalgia City – a theme-park kind of a replica-town in the 1970’s; it was unique, thrilling and very exciting to read about such an unusual location.

The characterization was good and overall I enjoyed the book and like the ending too.

If you love reading mysteries with different and exotic kind of settings, then you really need to give this book a read!

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