Book Review: Building Resilience And Finding Meaning in Life by June Rousso

Book Details:

Author: June Rousso 
Release Date: 
17th February 2022
Genre: Young-Adult, Non-Fiction, Inspirational
Format: E-book 
Pages: 83 pages
Building Resilience and Finding Meaning in Life: A Guide for Teens is an interactive book meant to engage readers in learning how to face adversities in life and to find meaning in these experiences. It gives the message that we have a treasure chest of inner resources that can be called upon in the face of adversity. These resources must be discovered and, in some instances, developed to build resilience and find what holds personal meaning. Along with discovering meaning in adversity readers are encouraged to look for meaningful moments in their lives rather than engaging in activities that often lead them to feel empty inside.

The guide also can be read by counselors and educators to help teens cope and live a more meaningful life. The guide was inspired by the teachings of Dr. Viktor Frankl, noted author of Man’s Search for Meaning, and by the research findings on character strengths presented by the VIA Institute on Character.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Building Resilience And Finding Meaning In Life by June Rousso is a very inspirational young-adult book on practical and easy-to-follow strategies and instructions for facing everyday adversities for teens. The main thing that I loved about this book is that it is tailor-made for teenagers, which is pretty rare and also abundantly helpful because the author has especially highlighted problems and solutions faced by teenagers regularly.

The author’s writing is simple, succinct and very undeviating, which I found to be most appropriate, as the author delved directly into the strategies she has to offer without the jargon that spoils most books in this particular genre. So I really appreciate the author’s directness.

This book has a lot of meaningful and practical life lessons for teenagers (and even for adults if you want to read this book being a non-teenage or an adult.) If you have a teenager in your family then you should definitely gift them this book as it will help them tremendously

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