Book Review: Into The Light by Emily Stroia

Author: Emily Stroia
Release Date: 4th October 2017
Genre: Poetry, Self-Discovery
Edition: Ebook
Pages: 158

Into the Light is a memoir-inspired poetry collection in seven parts.
The book shares the author’s life from a transformative perspective of being in a deep state of darkness to finding hope, miracles and light. In the final part, there are notes to the reader and finding one’s inner peace after adversity.
This book explores trauma, abuse, sexual abuse, mental illness, loss, healing, spirituality, meditation, inspiration and empowerment.



Into The Light by Emily Stroia is an intense poetry book that’ll sure to win your heart.

The poems are categorized in a very intelligent way and take you to the deepest reaches of emotions. You’ll experience a plethora of emotions – dispair, anxiousness, heartbreak, empathy, tiredness, but above all hope while reading this beautiful book.

I liked each and every poem and could relate to almost all of them in a way that really surprised me. Though the author writes from her own experiences, the poems speak to the heart of the reader, making them feel like they’re not alone and that someone else is there who’s gone through something that wasn’t in their control, yet emerged as a victor and so they can too.

I’d recommend this book to everyone, whether or not a poetry reader, as this book has something to offer to everyone. Moreover, this book is more like a stimulus for one’s inner self rather than just another book.

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