Book Review: Children Of Maya by Christopher Vastag

Book Details:

Author: Christopher Vastag
Release Date: 
31st August 2021
Genre: New Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
Format: E-book 
Pages: 406 pages
Publisher: Fenris Publishing
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In the land of Kaskilia, a rabbit changeling slave named Maria sows plans for rebellion. To overthrow the murderous cult of Khaytan and the zealous king who spreads it teachings, Maria must rally predator and prey alike by reminding the people what true faith looks like. Brought together by the goddess Maya Herself, Maria finds an unlikely ally in the king’s son, Prince Reginald. Maria and Reginald must reconcile their differing visions of an ideal Kaskilia and their growing, forbidden attraction to one another while evading the bloodthirsty Absolvers of Khaytan’s Covenant. In a culture where she is seen as little more than food, can Maria find a way to lead her people to freedom without losing her humanity?


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Children Of Maya by Christopher Vastag is a very engaging adventure new-adult fantasy novel that will take you on an adventurous rebellious trip.

This book was very easy to read as the writing was good had a really good flow which made the book a very quick read. I enjoyed reading this book as it had really good action and was full of twists and turns. The characterisation was good and so was the pacing and tension. The ending was good too and hopefully, there’ll be more books in this series.

I would recommend this book to all the readers of the new-adult fantasy genre and to those readers who enjoy reading magical adventurous books.

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